Take care of your jewelry so that it remains in good condition throughout your life.

Every piece of our jewelry is handcrafted with 925 sterling silver, offering a variety of finishes including polished, oxidized and 18 karat gold plated. Find out how to care for them by following our tips.


Polished silver

Silver naturally tends to darken with age and use. This oxidation is superficial and can be cleaned. You can use a cotton cloth with special cleaning solution that cleans the oxidation. Or soak in water with soap and baking soda and then use a soft brush to clean it before drying it well.


Gold plated

Gold-plated jewelry tends to darken with wear. Care for them by using a soft brush with soap and water and drying them well. If the gold plating is worn off, it can be reapplied.


Oxidized silver

This finish is achieved with an oxide patina that gives it the appearance of aged silver. With use, and depending on the model, it may lose this dark tone and give way to the natural color of silver. It is possible to darken the piece again.