Volátil immerses you in nature through unique and handcrafted jewelry, conceived to capture the organic essence of the world around us. With textures that evoke sensations and a uniqueness that endures over time, our timeless creations will accompany you throughout your life.

Volátil joyería

Miryam Montesdeoca

Volátil Joyería was born on the island that saw its founder Miryam Montesdeoca grow up, Gran Canaria. Miryam was born in a remote village of the island called La Aldea de San Nicolás.

She grew up in this village in a very liberated manner, surrounded by nature in a harmonious blend of countryside and ocean, leading her to be a creative and imaginative child with a fervent passion for handicrafts and art.

What initially began as a tribute to the Canary Islands during the years when Miryam crafted her pieces on her native island has evolved into designs imbued with that Canarian 'nostalgia', which she now continues to create in Barcelona.

Drawn to both the landscapes of her upbringing and those that surround her today, Miryam shapes her jewelry in an organic, asymmetrical, and distinctive manner. Each piece from Volátil evokes natural shapes and textures, coexisting harmoniously with the beauty of imperfection inherent in handcrafted work.

We are a jewelry brand that is committed to craftsmanship, ethics and sustainability. A conscious jewelry brand that wants to promote the art of handmade jewelry.